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N:   Naaman - Pleasant
    Nabil - Noble
    Nabulung - do not receive
    Nachiketa - Nachik
    Nachmanke - compassionate one, one who comforts
    Nadav - nobel, a generous one
    Nadir - Precious, rare
    Naeem - benevolent
    Nahum - The comforter
    Nalong - The source of the river
    Nambur - A tea-tree
    Namdev - poet, saint
    Namid - A dancer
    Namir - Like a leopard
    Nanda - Joy
    Nandin - the delightful, follower of Shiva
    Nantan - spokesman
    Napoleon - Fierce one from Naples
    Narayan - The son of man
    Narayana - Vishnu
    Narciso - a lily, daffodil
    Narcissus - The flower
    Nardu - A plant with edible seeds
    Narendra - The mighty man
    Narrah - The sea
    Narsi - poet, saint
    Nartana - makes others dance
    Nash - cliff
    Nasir - The helper, the supporter
    Nassir - protector
    Nat - The gift of God A biblical prophet
    Natal - Christmas
    Natale - Christmas
    Natan - A Figtree
    Nathan - The gift of God A biblical prophet
    Nathaniel - Gift of God
    Naum - The comforter
    Naveen - Navin
    Nawang - The possessive one
    Neal - The champion
    Neale - The champion
    Ned - A rich guardian
    Neddie - A rich guardian
    Neddy - A rich guardian
    Neel - blue
    Nehemiah - The consolation of the Lord
    Neil - Champion
    Neill - The champion
    Nek - Neko
    Nelek - like a horn
    Nelson - The son of Neal or Neil The champion
    Nemo - no name, nobody
    Neo - new
    Nerang - Little
    Nero - Dark, or black-haired
    Neron - strong, stern
    Nestor - Wisdom
    Nevada - Snow, or as white as snow
    Nevan - holy, little saint
    Neville - From the new town or settlement
    Nevin - The servant of the saints
    Newbold - From the new building
    Newell - From the new hall
    Newlyn - The dweller at the new pool
    Newman - New comer
    Newton - From the new town or estate
    Niall - The champion
    Nicholas - The victory of the people
    Nick - Belonging to the Lord
    Nickie - Belonging to the Lord St Dominic founded an important order of monks
    Nickson - The son of Nicholas The victory of the people
    Nico - The victory of the people
    Nicodemus - victory of the people
    Nicol - The victory of the people
    Nicolas - The victory of the people
    Nieander - A man of victory
    Niel - The gift of God From the name Nathen
    Niels - A horn
    Nieodemus - The conqueror for the people
    Nigel - Dark, black-haired
    Nihar - mist, fog, dew
    Niklaus - The victory of the people
    Nils - The victory of the people
    Nilson - The son of Neal or Neil The champion
    Nima - Sun
    Nimai - name of Lord Krishna
    Nimbus - rain cloud, halo
    Nimrod - Valiant, or great hunter
    Ninian - The name of a 5th century saint
    Nino - God is gracious From the name Gianni and Giovanni
    Nioka - Green hills
    Niraj - lotus flower
    Niran - Eternal
    Nirel - God's field
    Nishad - the musical note Ni
    Nishan - A sign
    Niven - The servant of the saints
    Nivens - The servant of the saints
    Nixon - The son of Nicholas The victory of the people
    Noadiah - God assembles
    Noah - Rest, peace
    Noam - Pleasant
    Nodin - wind
    Noe - peace, rest
    Noel - Christmas
    Noi - small
    Nolan - Famous, a champion
    Norbert - Light or brilliance from the North
    Norbu - A precious gem
    Norm - Norseman or ruler
    Norman - Norseman or ruler
    Normand - Norseman or ruler
    Norris - Norseman or ruler
    North - from the north
    Northclif - From the north cliff
    Northrop - From the Northern farm
    Norton - From the Northern farm or town
    Norville - From the Northern farm or town
    Norvin - A friend from the north
    Norwell - From the north spring or well
    Norwood - From the Northern forest
    Nowell - Christmas
    Nowra - A black cockatoo A town in NSW
    Nuncio - A messenger
    Nur - Fire
    Nuri - fire
    Nye - Truly golden
    Nyek - borderlands
    Nyle - island
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