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O:   Oakes - The dweller by the Oak trees
    Oakley - One who lives at the Oak tree meadow
    Obadiah - The servant of God
    Obelix - pillar of strength
    Oberon - A character in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Obert - Wealthy and bright
    Obiajulu - the heart is consoled
    Ochen - one of the twins
    Octavius - The eighth born
    Oddvar - the spear's point
    Odell - Wealthy
    Odern - By the sea
    Odil - rich
    Odin - The Scandinavian God of war
    Odion - first of twins
    Odolf - A noble wolf
    Odon - wealthy protector
    Odysseus - full of wrath
    Ogden - From the valley of Oak trees
    Oglesby - Awe-inspiring
    Oguz - arrow
    Okely - One who lives at the Oak tree meadow
    Okko - From the name Oscar
    Olaf - Divine remnant
    Olaf - Ancestor
    Oldrich - one with riches and power
    Oleg - The name of an early prince of Kiev
    Oleos - holy oil used in church
    Olin - holly
    Oliver - An Olive tree or branch A symbol of peace
    Olivier - From Shakespeare's play As You Like It
    Ollie - An Olive tree or branch A symbol of peace
    Olunje - Like this (Love) (Xhosa)
    Olwam - Mine (baby) (Xhosa)
    Omar - First born son
    Ompoly - Ampleumian
    Onslow - The hill of the zealous one
    Ora - Latin: Light, golden Polynesian: Life
    Orad - Earth
    Oram - From the enclosure by the riverbank
    Oran - Pale-skinned
    Orazio - From a Roman family name
    Orban - A city dweller
    Ordway - The spear fighter
    Oren - A tree Also see Oran
    Orestes - A man of the mountain A hero of Greek mythology
    Orfeo - A name from ancient mythology
    Orford - A dweller at the ford
    Orion - The son of light The name of a constellation
    Orlan - From the pointed land
    Orlando - Italian form of Roland Famed throughout the land
    Orman - spearman
    Ormond - A spearman
    Ormos - like a cliff
    Oroiti - The slow-footed one
    Orpheus - A name from ancient mythology
    Orran - Pale-skinned
    Orren - Pale-skinned
    Orrin - Pale-skinned
    Orsen - A little bear
    Orsino - A little bear
    Orson - A little bear
    Orton - From the farm by the river
    Orville - Golden city
    Orvin - A spear friend
    Osaze - favoured by God
    Osbert - Divinely bright or famous
    Osborn - A divine warrior
    Osborne - soldier of God
    Oscar - A divine spearman
    Osgood - A pagan god
    Osip - God shall add
    Oskar - A divine spearman
    Oskari - A divine spearman
    Osman - An Ottoman Turk, or a servant of God
    Osmar - Divinely glorious
    Osmond - A divine protector
    Osric - A divine ruler
    Ossian - fawn
    Oswald - Divinely powerful
    Oswin - A friend of God, or a divine friend
    Otello - Italian forms of Otto Rich, prosperous
    Othello - Prosperous
    Otis - Keen of hearing
    Ottavio - The eighth born
    Otto - Rich, prosperous
    Otway - Fortunate in battle
    Ove - A well-known Scandinavian name
    Ovid - lamb
    Owam - Mine (Xhosa)
    Owen - Well-born Also a Welsh form of John (see Evan)
    Oxford - From the ford of the oxen An English university city
    Oxton - From the ox enclosure
    Oz - strength
    Ozias - From the ox enclosure
    Ozor - name of an ethnic group
    Ozsvot - deity, might
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