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Q:   Qadir - Powerful
    Qasim - One who shares or distributes
    Quasim - one who divides goods among his people
    Quemby - From the woman's estate
    Quennel - The one who lives at the little Oak tree
    Quentin - The fifth, as in the fifth-born child
    Quigley - A spinning distaff
    Quillan - A cub
    Quilliam - Gaelic form of William A strong and resolute protector
    Quimby - From the woman's estate
    Quinby - from the queen?s estate
    Quince - From Shakespeare's play Midsummer-Night's Dream
    Quincy - The fifth, as in fifth child
    Quinlan - Well-shaped, athletic
    Quinn - Wise and intelligent
    Quinney - The son of the crafty one
    Quintin - The fifth, as in the fifth-born child
    Quinto - Italian form of Quintus
    Quinton - The fifth, as in the fifth-born child
    Quintus - Fifth, as in the fifth child
    Quirce - The name of a 4th-century martyr
    Quirino - The name of a 4th-century martyr
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