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R:   Rabbie - Scottish nickname for Robert Famous, bright fame
    Radborne - From the red brook or stream
    Radcliff - red cliff
    Radcliffe - From the red cliff
    Radek - Glad
    Radford - From the red ford
    Radley - From the red meadow
    Radman - joy
    Radnor - From the red shore
    Raeburn - dweller by the stream where does drink
    Rafael - God heals, or healed by God
    Rafe - An alternative form and pronunciation of Ralph
    Raffaele - God heals, or healed by God
    Rafferty - Prosperous
    Rafi - The exalted one
    Rafiq - A companion, a friend
    Rafu - A net
    Raghnall - A wise and powerful ruler
    Ragnar - A wise warrior
    Rahman - Merciful
    Raibeart - Scottish Gaelic form of Robert Famous, bright fame
    Raidon - thunder God
    Rainer - A wise warrior
    Rainier - A wise warrior
    Raivata - a Manu
    Raj - A king
    Rajendra - A mighty king
    Ralph - Wolf counsellor A fearless adviser
    Ralston - A dweller on Ralph's farm or estate
    Ramanuja - a saint
    Rambert - Mighty and brilliant
    Rambures - From Shakespeare's play Henry V
    Ramelan - A prophecy
    Rameses - Born of the sun
    Ramesh - ruler of Rama
    Ramiro - A great judge or adviser
    Ramon - A wise or mighty protector
    Ramsay - An island of wild garlic Most commonly used in Scotland
    Ramsden - The ram's valley
    Ramsey - ram's land
    Ranald - A wise and powerful ruler
    Rance - a kind of Belgian marble
    Randal - A wolf-like shield
    Randall - A wolf-like shield
    Randell - A wolf-like shield
    Randie - A wolf-like shield or the admired one
    Randolph - A wolf-like shield
    Randy - A wolf-like shield or the admired one
    Ranen - joyous
    Rangi - Heaven or the sky
    Rankin - A little shield
    Ransford - From the ford of the raven
    Ransley - From the meadow of the Raven
    Ransom - A warrior's son
    Ranulf - Wolf-like advice
    Raphael - God has healed One of the four archangels in the Bible
    Rarna - Pleasing An alternative name for the Hindu God Vishnu
    Rashid - The well guided one a director
    Rasmus - Worthy of love
    Rastus - The loving one
    Rata - Aboriginal: A plant Polynesian: The name of a great chief
    Ratri - night
    Rauf - The compassionate one
    Raul - The counsel of the wolf A fearless adviser 
    Raven - a raven
    Ravi - Of the sun
    Ravid - The wanderer
    Ravinger - ravine
    Rawiri - Maori form of David The beloved, the adored one
    Rawley - From the meadow of the Roe deer
    Rawlins - son of a little wise wolf
    Rawly - From the meadow of the Roe deer
    Rawson - The son of the little wolf
    Ray - A stream or a king
    Rayburn - From the deer brook
    Raymon - A wise or mighty protector
    Raymond - Wise protection
    Raynard - Brave, or a fox
    Rayner - A wise warrior
    Raynold - A wise and powerful ruler
    Reagan - Wise
    Rearden - A royal poet
    Reardon - A royal poet
    Redford - From the red ford
    Redmond - A wise or mighty protector
    Redmund - A wise or mighty protector
    Reece - Ardent
    Reed - Red-haired
    Reede - Red-haired
    Rees - Ardent
    Reese - ardent one
    Reeve - A steward
    Regan - The descendant of a king
    Regin - A figure from mythology
    Reginald - A wise and powerful ruler
    Regis - Ruler, king
    Reid - Red-haired
    Reilly - A Rye meadow
    Reilly - Irish Gaelic: Valiant Old English: A Rye meadow
    Reinhard - Brave, or a fox
    Reinhold - A wise and powerful ruler
    Remington - From the farm of ravens
    Remus - Fast In legend, one of the brothers who founded Rome
    Remy - An oarsman
    Renaldo - A wise and powerful ruler
    Renard - Brave, or a fox
    Renaud - Brave, or a fox
    Rendor - policeman
    Renfred - Mighty but peaceful
    Renfrew - From the still river
    Rennard - Brave, or a fox
    Renshaw - From the forest of the Ravens
    Reuben - Behold a son One of Jacob's sons in the Bible
    Reuel - Friend of God
    Rex - A king
    Rey - A king
    Reynaldo - From Shakespeare's play Hamlet
    Reynard - Brave, or a fox
    Reynold - A wise and powerful ruler
    Rhett - Possibly a form of Rhys
    Rhisiart - Brave and strong
    Rhodes - The place of roses The name of an Aegean island
    Rhodri - The ruler of the wheel
    Rhydwyn - A dweller by the white ford
    Rian - A little king
    Ric - Honourable ruler From the name Eric and Richard
    Richard - Brave and strong
    Richman - A powerful protector
    Rick - Brave and strong From the name Eric and Richard
    Ricker - A powerful army
    Rico - noble ruler
    Rider - A horseman or knight
    Ridgeway - From the ridge road
    Ridgley - From the meadow's ridge
    Ridley - From the cleared wood
    Rigby - The valley of the ruler
    Rikard - Brave and strong
    Riley - A Rye meadow
    Riley - Irish Gaelic: Valiant Old English: A Rye meadow
    Rimon - pomegranite
    Rinaldo - A wise and powerful ruler
    Ringo - A bell-ringer
    Rinzen - The holder of intellect
    Riordan - A royal poet
    Ripley - From the shouter's meadow
    Rishab - the musical note Re
    Rishley - from the wild meadow
    Rishon - first
    Risley - From the brushwood meadow
    Riston - From the brushwood farm
    Ritchell - nasty, gross
    Ritchie - Brave and strong
    Ritter - A knight
    Rivers - stream of water
    Rizal - Rizzy
    Roald - A famous ruler A Norwegian form of Ronald
    Roan - Little red-haired one
    Roarke - A famed ruler
    Rob - Famous, bright fame
    Robert - Famous, bright fame
    Robertson - The son of Robert Famous, bright fame
    Robin - A small bird
    Robinson - The son of Robert or Robin Famous, bright fame
    Robyn - A small bird
    Rocco - To rest
    Rochester - A rocky fortress, or camp on the rocks
    Rockley - From the rocky meadow
    Rockwell - From the rocky well or spring
    Rocky - To rest
    Rod - A renowned ruler
    Rodd - A renowned ruler
    Roddie - A renowned ruler
    Roddy - A renowned ruler
    Roden - From the valley of the reeds
    Roderick - A renowned ruler
    Roderigo - A renowned ruler
    Rodman - A famous hero
    Rodney - Land near the water
    Rodolf - A famous wolf
    Rodolfo - A famous wolf
    Rodrigo - A renowned ruler
    Rodrigue - A renowned ruler
    Rodwell - From the Christian's well
    Rogan - The red-haired one
    Rogelio - beautiful one
    Roger - A famous spearman or warrior
    Rohan - Little red-haired one
    Rohit - red color
    Roland - Famed throughout the land
    Roldan - powerful, mighty
    Rolf - The famous wolf
    Rollo - From the famed land
    Roly - From the rough meadow
    Roman - A citizen of Rome
    Romeo - A pilgrim to Rome A famous Shakespearian character
    Romney - A curving river A place name from Kent, England
    Romulus - One of the legendary brothers who founded Rome
    Ronald - A wise and powerful ruler
    Ronan - Little seal
    Rongo - The God of rain and fertility
    Roni - My joy
    Ronit - Hebrew: A song Irish Gaelic: Prosperity
    Ronson - The son of Ronald A wise and powerful ruler
    Rooney - Red-haired
    Roosevelt - field of roses
    Roper - A ropemaker
    Rory - The red king
    Roscoe - From the Deer forest
    Roshan - Splendid One who emanates light
    Roslin - The small red-haired one
    Ross - Woody meadow
    Roswald - A mighty horse
    Rothwell - From the red well or spring
    Rourke - A famed ruler
    Routledge - From the red pool
    Rowell - From the deer spring
    Rowland - From the famed land
    Rowley - From the rough meadow
    Rowse - From the heathland
    Rowson - The son of the red-haired man
    Roxbury - From the rock fortress
    Roy - Old French: A king Scottish Gaelic: The red one
    Royce - The son of the king
    Roydon - From the hill of Rye
    Royston - An English placename
    Ruben - Behold a son One of Jacob's sons in the Bible
    Rubens - Behold a son One of Jacob's sons in the Bible
    Rubin - Behold a son One of Jacob's sons in the Bible
    Rudi - A famous wolf
    Rudolph - A famous wolf
    Rudy - A famous wolf
    Rudyard - From the red enclosure
    Rufford - From the rough ford
    Rufus - Red-haired
    Ruhinda - Prince of Cows
    Rumford - From the wide ford
    Runako - handsome
    Rune - Secret lore
    Rupert - Famous, bright fame
    Rurik - Russian and Scandinavian form of Roderick A renowned ruler
    Rush - red-haired
    Rushford - From the ford with rushes
    Ruskin - The small red-haired one
    Russ - Red head From the name Russell
    Russel - red-haired; fox-like
    Russell - Red head
    Rusty - Red head From the name Russell
    Rutger - A famous spearman or warrior
    Rutherford - From the cattle ford
    Rutland - From the stump land
    Rutledge - From the red pool
    Rutley - From the stump meadow
    Ryan - A little king
    Rycroft - From the Rye field
    Ryder - A horseman or knight
    Rylan - From the Rye land
    Ryle - From the hill of Rye
    Ryley - Irish Gaelic: Valiant Old English: A Rye meadow
    Rylie - A small stream
    Ryman - A rye seller
    Ryton - From the rye farm
    Ryuichi - first son of Ryu
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