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S:   Saben - A Sabine man (from central Italy)
    Sabir - The patient one
    Sabola - prophetess
    Sabre - Swordlike
    Sacha - The defender, or helper of mankind
    Sadi - Sadie, Sady
    Sadik - Truthful, or faithful
    Safford - From the willow ford
    Sagar - king
    Sage - Wise Also the name of a herb
    Sahale - above
    Sahara - Inca gold
    Sahen - falcon
    Sahib - sir
    Sahnan - Wise and peaceful
    Saidi - Helper
    Sakda - Power
    Sakima - A king
    Salah - Good, righteous
    Salerio - From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice
    Salim - Safe, secure
    Salisbury - The fort by the willow pool
    Salman - protector, conqueror
    Saloman - peaceful
    Salomo - Wise and peaceful
    Salomon - Wise and peaceful
    Salter - A salt seller
    Salton - From the place in the willows
    Salvador - A saviour
    Salvatore - Saviour
    Sam - She who listens also an achievement
    Samien - to be heard
    Samir - wind
    Sammie - She who listens also an achievement
    Sammon - grocer
    Sammy - She who listens also an achievement
    Sampson - Of the sun, or a strong man A biblical name
    Samson - Like the sun
    Samson - Of the sun, or a strong man A biblical name
    Samudra - lord of the ocean
    Samuel - Asked of God A name from the Bible Also see Saul
    Sanborn - From the sandy brook
    Sancho - Truthful and sincere
    Sandeep - Rishi (Sega of Gods), named after Sandipani Rishi
    Sanders - The son of Alexander Protector of men
    Sandie - The protector and helper of mankind
    Sandon - From the sandy hill
    Sandor - Protector of men From the name Alexander
    Sanford - From the sandy ford
    Sanjay - Triumphant
    Sanjeev - Sanjiv
    Sankara - Auspicious
    Sansom - Of the sun, or a strong man
    Sansone - Of the sun, or a strong man
    Santiago - Of St James
    Santo - a saint
    Santon - From the sandy hill
    Santos - Of the saint
    Santoso - Peaceful
    Sargent - A military officer
    Sarni - The elevated one
    Sarosh - prayer
    Sasha - The protector and helper of mankind
    Saul - Asked for, or prayed for A name from the Bible
    Saunak - boy sage
    Saunders - The son of Alexander Protector of men
    Saunderson - The son of Alexander Protector of men
    Saviero - Of the new house
    Saville - From the willow estate
    Sawyer - A sawer of wood
    Sawyer - A sawer of wood
    Sawyl - Welsh form of Saul Asked for, or prayed for
    Saxby - From the farm of the short sword
    Saxon - Of the Saxons, or people of the sword
    Saxton - From the farm of the Saxon
    Sayed - The lord, the master
    Sayer - A carpenter
    Scarus - From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra
    Schuyler - shield, scholar
    Scipio - A staff or walking stick
    Scott - Of Scottish origin
    Scully - A herald or town crier
    Seabert - Sea glorious
    Seaborne - The sea warrior
    Seabrook - From a brook by the sea
    Sealey - Blessed
    Seamus - Irish Gaelic form of James The supplanter
    Sean - Irish Gaelic form of John God is gracious
    Seanan - Old, or wise
    Searle - An armed warrior
    Seaton - A place by the sea
    Sebastian - Venerable A man from Sebasta The name of a 3rd-century saint
    Sebes - fast
    Secundus - The second child
    Sedgewick - From the farm in the rushes
    Sedgley - From the warrior's meadow
    Seeley - Blessed
    Seely - Blessed
    Seff - a wolf
    Sefton - The dweller at the place in the rushes
    Seger - The sea warrior
    Selby - From the willow farm
    Seldon - From the house on the hill
    Selig - Blessed fortunate
    Selim - Safe, secure
    Selwyn - Of the woods
    Senan - Old, or wise
    Senichi - first son of Sen
    Sennett - Bold in victory
    Senon - given life by Zeus
    Septimus - The seventh son
    Serafino - The ardent one The masculine form of Seraphina
    Seraphim - burning ones, angels, ardent
    Serge - Servant
    Sergeant - A military officer
    Sergent - A military officer
    Sergio - Attendant
    Sergius - A Roman family name
    Sesto - The sixth son
    Seth - Hebrew: A biblical name meaning the appointed one
    Setiawan - Faithful
    Seton - A place by the sea
    Seung - successor, winning
    Sevastian - A man from Sebasta The name of a 3rd-century saint
    Severin - river in England
    Severino - Severe
    Severn - The name of a British river
    Sevilin - beloved
    Seville - A Spanish city
    Seward - A sea defender
    Seyed - The lord, the master
    Seymour - From a place name
    Sezni - Senan, Sane
    Shadwell - From the shady stream
    Shafiq - Compassionate
    Shah - The king
    Shakar - grateful
    Shakir - The grateful one
    Shallow - From Shakespeare's play Merry Wives of Windsor
    Shalom - Peace Also see Solomon
    Shaman - holy man
    Shamus - Irish Gaelic form of James The supplanter
    Shanahan - The wise one
    Shandy - Boisterous
    Shane - From Irish Gaelic a Variation of Sean (John), and so a form of Jane
    Shankar - He who gives happiness
    Shanley - A venerable hero
    Shannon - From the name of a river in Ireland
    Sharif - The honourable one
    Sharma - Giving protection
    Shaun - Irish Gaelic form of John God is gracious
    Shaw - From the grove of trees
    Shay - The stately one
    Shea - hawk-like, stately
    Sheehan - Peaceful
    Sheffield - From the crooked field, or the sheep field
    Shelby - The dweller at the ledge estate and a sheltered town
    Sheldon - Meaning heathery hill with a shed, flat-topped hill, or steep valley
    Shen - A deep thinker
    Shepherd - one who heards sheep
    Sherborne - A clear stream
    Sheridan - The wild one
    Sheridon - wild one
    Sherlock - Fair-haired
    Sherman - Shearer or servant
    Sherwin - A swift runner
    Sherwood - From the bright forest
    Shima - An island dweller
    Shimon - The listener
    Shing - victory
    Shipley - From the sheep pasture
    Shipton - The dweller at the sheep farm
    Shiva - Benign An important Hindu God
    Shlomo - Wise and peaceful
    Shoichi - first son of Sho
    Sholto - A sower of seed
    Shomari - Forceful
    Shuichi - first son of Shu
    Shulamith - peaceful
    Shunichi - first son of Shun
    Shunnar - pleasant
    Shylock - From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice
    Sibusiso - Blessing (Zulu)
    Siddel - from the wide valley
    Sidell - From the broad valley
    Sidney - Old English: From the riverside meadow Old French: From St Denis
    Siegbert - A famous victory
    Siegfried - Peace after victory
    Sigfried - victory peace
    Siggy - From the name Siegbert, Siegfried
    Sigi - From the name Siegbert, Siegfried
    Sigmund - A victorious protector
    Sigurd - A victorious guardian
    Silas - From the forest
    Silvanus - From the forest
    Silvester - Of the woods
    Silvio - belonging to the forest, silver
    Silvius - From Shakespeare's play As You Like It
    Simeon - The biblical form of Simon
    Simon - The listener
    Simpson - The son of Simon The listener
    Sinbad - A sparkling prince
    Sinclair - A clear sign From St Clair
    Sipho - Gift (Zulu, Xhosa)
    Siva - Benign
    Sivan - the ninth month
    Siward - From Shakespeare's play MacBeth
    Skene - A bush
    Skipper - A ship's captain
    Skylar - Protection, shelter
    Slade - From the valley
    Slate - A fine-grained rock
    Slevin - The mountain climber
    Sloan - A warrior
    Sly - From the name Silvanus and Silvester
    Smedley - From the level meadow
    Smith - A blacksmith
    Snowden - From the snowy hill
    Socrates - The name of the ancient Greek philosopher
    Sofronio - self-controlled
    Solanio - From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice
    Solinus - From Shakespeare's play Comedy of Errors
    Solomon - Wise and peaceful A son of David in the Bible
    Solyom - falcon
    Soma - a kind of berry
    Somerled - The summer traveller A Scottish name
    Somerville - From the summery hill
    Sonam - The fortunate one
    Sonny - Diminutive for names that includes `son'
    Soren - The stern one
    Sorley - The summer traveller
    Sorrell - Bitter A plant name
    Soterios - saviour
    Southwell - From the southern spring
    Spalding - divided field
    Sparke - The lively one
    Spence - A dispenser of provisions From the name Spencer
    Spencer - A dispenser of provisions Administrator
    Spike - A nail, or an ear of grain Generally used as a nickname
    Spiridon - Of the soul or spirit
    Squire - A knight's attendant
    Stacy - Prosperous or resurrection
    Staffan - Swedish form of Stephen A crown or garland
    Stafford - From the ford by the landing place
    Stamford - A dweller at the rocky ford
    Stanbury - From the stone fort
    Standen - A dweller in the stony valley
    Standish - From the rocky pasture
    Stanfield - From the stony field
    Stanford - A dweller at the rocky ford
    Stanhope - From the stony valley
    Stanislaus - The glorious government
    Stanislav - Glory of the camp
    Stanislaw - Glory of the camp From the name Stanislav
    Stanley - Rocky meadow
    Stanton - From the rocky farm or estate
    Stanwick - From the rocky village
    Starbuck - The stream in the sedges
    Stavros - Crowned Greek form of Stephen
    Stedman - A farmer
    Steele - Like steel
    Stefan - A crown or garland
    Stefanos - A crown or garland
    Steffan - A crown or garland
    Stein - stone
    Sten - A stone
    Stenton - From the rocky farm or estate
    Stephan - A crown or garland
    Stephano - A crown or garland
    Stephen - A crown or garland
    Sterne - Austere Stern
    Steve - A crown or garland
    Steven - A crown or garland
    Stevenson - The son of Stephen A crown or garland
    Stewart - A steward, or keeper of a household
    Stig - The wanderer
    Stillman - Quiet, gentle
    Stinson - The son of Stephen, or the son of stone
    Stiofan - Irish Gaelic form of Stephen
    Stockley - A clearing with tree stumps
    Stockton - From the place near the tree trunk
    Stokley - from the tree-stump meadow
    Storr - A great man
    Stowe - From the place or religious site
    Stratford - From the ford on a Roman road
    Strato - From Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar
    Stratton - From the place on a Roman road
    Strom - stream; tree
    Stroud - The overgrown marshland
    Stuart - A steward, or keeper of a household
    Studs - a house
    Sudarshan - Sudarsana
    Sudesha - a son of Krishna
    Sudeva - good Deva
    Sudi - Luck
    Suffield - A dweller in the southern field
    Sukarman - reciter of 1000 Samhitas
    Sukumar - tender
    Sulaiman - peaceful
    Suleiman - Arabic form of Solomon
    Sullivan - The blackeyed one
    Sully - to stain
    Sulwyn - The fair sun
    Sumadhur - very sweet
    Suman - Cheerful and wise
    Sumantu - Atharva Veda was assigned to him
    Sumner - The one who summons
    Suresh - The ruler of the gods
    Surony - name of an honor
    Surya - The sun
    Sutton - The dweller at the southern farm or town
    Suvrata - a child of Daksa
    Sven - A youth
    Sweeney - The little hero
    Sweeny - little hero
    Swindon - From the hill of the pigs An English city
    Swinford - The pig ford
    Swithin - Strong The name of an English saint
    Sycamore - A tree name
    Sydenham - From the wide river meadow
    Sykes - At the stream or gully
    Sykes - At the stream or gully
    Sylvain - From the forest
    Sylvan - From the forest
    Sylvester - From the forest, woods
    Symon - The listener
    Synclair - A clear sign
    Syrus - The name of the founder of the Persian empire From the name Cyrus
    Szemere - small man, demolisher
    Szymon - Polish form of Simon The listener
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