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T:   Taavi - The beloved, the adored one From the name David
    Tabansi - one who endures
    Tabari - after famous muslim historian
    Tabor - A drum or drummer
    Tad - A poet or philosopher
    Tadd - Courageous
    Taddeo - Courageous
    Tadi - wind
    Taggart - A priest
    Tahir - Pure and virtuous
    Tai - The talented one
    Tailer - The tailor
    Tailor - The tailor
    Tait - Jolly, cheerful Also see Tatum
    Tajo - day
    Takoda - The friend of all
    Taksa - a son of Bharata
    Taksony - well fed, content, merciless, wild
    Talbot - From the valley
    Talfryn - From the top of the hill
    Taliesin - A radiant brow
    Tallis - Wise, learned
    Talman - to injure, to oppress
    Talos - giant protector of Minos island
    Tama - Japanese: A jewel Polynesian: A boy or son
    Tamas - A twin
    Tamir - pure, tall stately
    Tancred - A thoughtful adviser
    Tancredo - of thoughtful counsel
    Tanek - immortal
    Tangaroa - Of the sea
    Tangwyn - Peace
    Tannar - Leather worker
    Tanner - Leather worker
    Tano - name of river
    Tarasios - of Tarentum
    Tardos - bald
    Taree - A wild fig
    Tariq - The night visitor
    Tarjan - name of an honor
    Tarn - A mountain pool
    Taro - The firstborn son
    Tarquin - The name of two early Roman kings
    Tarrant - From the name of a river
    Tarun - Young, tender
    Tashi - Prosperity
    Tate - Jolly, cheerful Also see Tatum
    Tatum - From Tate's homestead
    Taurin - born under the sign of Taurus
    Taurus - From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra
    Tavis - twin
    Tavish - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tawhiri - A tempest
    Taylor - A tailor
    Teagan - Good looking
    Teague - A poet or philosopher
    Teal - A water bird
    Tean - One of the Isles of Scilly
    Tecwyn - White, fair
    Ted - Divine gift
    Teddie - Divine gift
    Teddy - Divine gift
    Telford - An iron-cutter
    Tem - country
    Teman - right hand, south
    Temani - of Teman
    Templar - A knight
    Tenenan - Tinidor, Tenedor
    Tennyson - The son of Dennis Wild, frenzied Also a lover of wine
    Tenzin - Protector of Dharma
    Tenzing - Protector of Dharma
    Teodor - The gift of God
    Terence - Tender, good gracious
    Terrel - thunderer
    Terrence - Tender, good gracious
    Terrie - Smooth and polished
    Terry - Greek: The harvester or reaper Latin: Smooth and polished
    Tertius - Third
    Tetony - chieftain
    Tex - From Texas
    Thaddeaus - couragues, praiser
    Thaddeus - Gift of God
    Thai - many, multiple
    Thaliard - From Shakespeare's play Pericles
    Thaman - name of a god
    Thanos - Noble
    Thatcher - roof fixer
    Themba - Hope (Zulu)
    Theobald - A bold leader of the people
    Theobold - the boldest
    Theodore - Divine gift
    Theodoric - The ruler of the people
    Theon - Godly
    Theophilus - beloved of God
    Theron - The hunter
    Thersites - From Shakespeare's play Troilus & Cressida
    Theseus - A hero of Greek legend
    Thidias - From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra
    Thomas - A twin
    Thor - The God of thunder in Norse mythology
    Thorald - Ruling in the manner of Thor
    Thorburn - Thor's warrior
    Thormund - Thor's protection
    Thorne - thorn tree
    Thornley - From the thorny clearing
    Thornton - From the place among the thorns
    Thorpe - From the farm village
    Thurborn - dweller by Thor's stream
    Thurso - A Scottish placename
    Thurstan - Thor's stone
    Thurston - Thor's stone
    Tibald - A bold leader of the people
    Tibalt - people's prince
    Tiberius - After the River Tiber
    Tibold - A bold leader of the people
    Tiernan - The descendant of a lord
    Tierney - The descendant of a lord
    Tihamar - likes silence
    Tiki - One who is fetched, as in a spirit after death
    Tilford - From the good man's ford
    Tim - Honouring God, or honoured by God
    Timeus - perfect
    Timoleon - I honor what I say
    Timon - A reward, an honour
    Timor - After the Timor Sea
    Timothy - Honouring God, or honoured by God
    Timur - iron
    Tipene - Maori form of Stephen
    Titus - An old Roman name
    Titusz - dove, honored
    Tivadar - gift of God
    Tivon - lover of nature
    Tobias - God is good A biblical name
    Tobie - God is good
    Toby - The Lord is good
    Tod - A fox or foxhunter
    Todd - A fox or foxhunter
    Toft - From the site of the building
    Tom - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tomaj - name of a clan
    Tomas - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tomasz - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tomi - Red
    Tomkin - Little Tom or Thomas
    Tommy - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tomo - A twin A form of Thomas
    Tong - fragrant
    Tony - Praiseworthy, of inestimable worth
    Tormey - A thunder spirit
    Torrance - Smooth and polished
    Torsten - Tompkin, Tomlin
    Torvald - Thor the ruler
    Touchstone - From Shakespeare's play As You Like It
    Toussaint - All the saints
    Tovi - Good
    Townley - From the town meadow
    Townsend - From the towns end
    Toyo - plentiful
    Tracy - Brave
    Trahaearn - strong as iron
    Traherne - Of iron strength
    Tran - A family name
    Tranio - From Shakespeare's play Taming of the Shrew
    Tranter - wagoneer
    Travis - From the crossing or crossroads
    Trefor - From the large village
    Trefusis - A placename
    Trelawney - From the church village
    Tremayne - From the place of the stone or rock
    Tremeur - Treveur
    Trent - Thrifty From the name of a river
    Tresco - From a placename, one of the Isles of Scilly
    Trevor - Prudent From the large village
    Trey - third born, three
    Trinity - A trio or triad, as in the Holy Trinity
    Tristan - The noisy one
    Tristen - The noisy one
    Tristram - Sad
    Troilus - place name
    Trowbridge - From the wooden bridge
    Troy - Water or foot soldier From a placename
    Truman - A trusty or faithful man
    Trystan - The noisy one
    Tubal - From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice
    Tucker - A cloth-worker
    Tudor - Welsh form of Theodore Devine gift
    Tugdual - Tual, Tugal, Pabu
    Tujan - Tugen, Tujen
    Turi - The name of a famous chief
    Turiau - Turio
    Turner - A lathe-worker
    Turpin - A Finnish man of Thor
    Twain - two pieces
    Twyford - From the double ford
    Tyack - A farmer
    Tybalt - A bold leader of the people
    Tycho - He who hits the mark
    Tye - From the enclosure
    Tyee - chief
    Tyler - A tiler or tile-maker
    Tymon - A reward, an honour
    Tynan - The dark one
    Tyne - The name of an English river
    Tyrol - After the Austrian alpine region
    Tyrone - The name of a county in Northern Ireland
    Tyrus - person from Tyre
    Tyson - A firebrand
    Tytus - An old Roman name
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