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U:   Ualtar - Strong fighter
    Uba - Wealthy
    Udeh - Praise
    Udo - Prosperity, fortune
    Ugod - Name of a clan
    Uland - The noble land
    Ulf - Wolf-like, courageous
    Ulfred - Peace
    Ulmer - A famous wolf
    Ulrich - A ruler
    Ultan - From an old Gaelic name
    Umar - Flourishing, long-lived
    Umberto - A famous warrior
    Unni - Modest
    Upton - From the upper farm or town
    Upwood - From the forest on the hill
    Urban - A city dweller
    Uriah - God is light
    Urie - God is light
    Uriel - Light
    Urien - Have privileged birth
    Ursel - A bear
    Urson - A little bear
    Usko - Faith
    Usman - An Ottoman Turk
    Utah - The name of an American State
    Uwan - To meet
    Uwe - A well-known Scandinavian name
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