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W:   Wade - A ford
    Wadyka - Sweet kind strong
    Waggoner - Wagon maker
    Wakefield - Wet field
    Walden - Mighty
    Waldo - Rule
    Walker - Cloth worker
    Walter - Powerful warrior, rule army
    Walton - Dweller by the wall
    Ward - To guard
    Warner - Defending army
    Warren - Watchman, game keeper
    Washington - From the estate of the wise one
    Watson - Son of Walter
    Waverly - From the tree-lined meadow
    Wayde - Angel from God
    Wayland - From the path land
    Waylen - Land near the highway
    Waylon - Man of great voice
    Wayne - Wagon maker
    Webster - Weaver
    Wendel - Wanderer
    Wendell - A wend
    Werner - Warin warrior
    Wesley - west meadow
    Westin - Bold, meant to be strong
    Weston - Residence name
    Wheeler - A driver
    Whitfield - From a small field
    Wilbur - Bright resolve
    Wilfred - Much peace
    Will - Determined guardian
    Willard - Bold resolve
    William - Valiant protector
    Willis - Variant of Will
    Willow - Willow
    Willray - Combined for William and Rachel
    Wilmer - Will famous
    Wilson - Son of Will
    Winslow - From the friend's hill
    Winston - Joy stone, victory town
    Winter - Winter
    Wirt - Worthy
    Woodley - Residence name
    Wyatt - Little warrior, water
    Wylie - Enchanting
    Wyome - Plain
    Wystan - Battle stone
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