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Z:   Zabulon - To exhalt, honour
    Zaccheo - The one God remembers
    Zachariah - Remembered by the Lord
    Zachary - God remembers, renowned by God
    Zadine - Sweet handsom
    Zafir - Victorious
    Zahid - Self-denying
    Zahir - Shining, bright
    Zahur - A flower
    Zaid - Increase, growth
    Zaim - Brigadier general
    Zaki - Bright, pure
    Zale - Sea-strength
    Zalman - Peaceful and quiet
    Zanchoo - Boy
    Zander - Form of Alexander
    Zane - God's grace, sea-friend
    Zanebono - The good one
    Zaniel - Angel of Mondays
    Zanipolo - Little gift of God
    Zareb - Protector
    Zared - Ambush
    Zarek - May God protect the king
    Zarion - Angel of God
    Zatch - One from lightning
    Zeal - Passionate
    Zebediah - God's gift
    Zebulon - Home
    Zedekiah - Justice of the Lord
    Zeeman - Seaman
    Zefirino - Wind of spring
    Zeke - The memory of the Lord
    Zekerijah - Strong, independent
    Zelimir - Wishes for peace
    Zemar - Lion
    Zen - Religious
    Zenon - Living
    Zephan - Treasured by God
    Zeroun - Wise, respected
    Zeth - Investigator, researcher
    Zimraan - Praise
    Zinan - Second son
    Ziven - Vigorous and alive
    Zobor - Gathering
    Zoello - Son of Zoe
    Zombor - Buffalo
    Zorro - Golden dawn
    Zuriel - My rock
    Zyler - Strong, independent, and trustworthy
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