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B:   Bahar - Season of spring
    Bai - Person of purity
    Bailey - Governor, bailiff
    Banu - Lady-like
    Bao - Gem
    Bea - Voyager
    Beathag - Living
    Beatrice - Voyager
    Beatrix - Voyager
    Beileag - Promise of God
    Beitris - Voyager
    Belen - Bethlehem
    Belinha - Promise of God
    Bella - Promise of God
    Bellatrix - Fighter woman
    Baako   First born
    Babette - Enchanter
    Bacia - Family deaths ruined the home
    Baka - Crane
    Bakana - A lookout
    Bakarne - Solitude
    Bala - A young girl
    Balbina - Strong, stammers
    Bambalina - Little girl
    Bambi - Child
    Banan - Fingertips
    Bansari - Bansuri
    Bara - To choose
    Barakah - White one
    Barb - The foreigner or stranger
    Barbara - The foreigner or stranger
    Barbie - The foreigner or stranger
    Bari - Spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman
    Barika - Successful
    Barina - The summit
    Barnadine - Bold as a bear
    Barretta - A cap
    Basha - Daughter of God, stranger
    Basia - The foreigner or stranger
    Basilia - Queenly, regal. The feminine form of Basil
    Basimah - The smiling one
    Bathilde - The commanding maiden of war
    Bathsheba - The daughter of the oath
    Batyah - The daughter of God
    Bayo - To find joy
    Beata - Blessed
    Beatrice - Blessed
    Beatriz - Blessed
    Beau - Handsome or beautiful
    Bebe - Baby
    Beccalynn - Becca, Lyn, Becky
    Beckie - A heifer or a knotted cord
    Becky - A heifer or a knotted cord
    Beda - A warrior maiden
    Bedelia - Strength
    Bega - Beautiful
    Begonia - A flower name
    Behira - The brilliant one
    Bel - Sacred wood apple tree
    Bela - The white one
    Belda - A beautiful lady
    Belicia - dedicated to god
    Belina - A goddess
    Belinda - Beautiful, Shining
    Belita - The beautiful one
    Bella-donna - Beautiful woman
    Bellanca - Stronghold
    Belle - Beautiful
    Bellona - After the Roman goddess of war
    Belva - Beautiful.
    Belvia - Beautiful
    Benedicta - Blessed
    Benedotte - Ethereal
    Benilda - Benign - of good intentions
    Benita - Daughter of my right hand
    Benquasha - Daughter of Ben
    Benta - The wise one
    Beranger - Courage of a bear
    Berdine - A glorious maiden
    Berenice - The bringer of victory
    Berit - Bright, glorious
    Bernadette - As brave as a bear
    Bernadine - Bold as a bear
    Bernia - A maiden of battle
    Bernice - Brings victory
    Bernina - After a peak in the Swiss Alps
    Berry - A fruit or berry
    Berta - A bright or famous pledge
    Bertana - The day
    Bertha - Bright and shining
    Berthilda - A shining warrior maid
    Berwyn - Fair-haired, or a bright friend
    Beryan - The name of a saint
    Beryl - A precious green jewel
    Bess - Consecrated to God
    Bessie - Consecrated to God
    Bessy - Consecrated to God
    Beta - Dedicated to god
    Beth - House of god
    Betha - Life
    Bethan - A form of Elizabeth, consecrated to God
    Bethany - A house of poverty
    Bethel - The house of God
    Bethesda - A house of mercy.
    Bethia - The daughter of God
    Bethshaya - house of god
    Betrys - The blessed one. She who brings joy
    Betsey - A form of Elizabeth, consecrated to God
    Betsy - A form of Elizabeth, consecrated to God
    Bette - Consecrated to God
    Bettie - Consecrated to God
    Bettina - Consecrated to God
    Betty - Consecrated to God
    Beulah - The married one
    Beverley - From the stream of the beaver
    Beverly - From the stream of the beaver
    Bevin - Sweet voiced, melodious
    Bhekisisa - To be careful, cautious (Zulu)
    Bhoomi - Earth
    Bian - Secretive, or hidden
    Bianca - Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion
    Bibi - A lady
    Biddy - Strong, spirited
    Billie - A wise ruler or protector
    Bina - Intelligence, understanding
    Binda - Deep water
    Binty - Daughter
    Birdie - A little bird
    Birget - protecting
    Birgit - Strong, spirited
    Birgitta - Strong, spirited
    Birgitte - Strong, spirited
    Birkita - Strength
    Blaine - Thin. A boy or girl's name
    Blair - From the plain or field
    Blaise - One who lisps or stammers
    Blake - Fair-haired
    Blanche - Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion
    Blanda - Dazzling
    Blaze - A flame
    Blenda - Beautiful
    Blinda - Beautiful
    Bliss - Joy, gladness
    Blodwen - White flower, or blessed flower
    Blondelle - The little blond or fair one
    Blossom - A flower or bloom
    Bluma - A flower, bloom
    Bly - High, tall
    Blythe - Joyous and cheerful
    Bo - Precious
    Bo-Bae - Treasure, precious
    Bobbi - Bright fame, famous
    Bobbie - Famous, bright fame
    Bobby - Famous, bright fame
    Bodil - A battle maiden
    Bohdana - From god
    Bona - Good
    Bonita - Pretty, good
    Bonnie - Fine, pretty
    Bonny - Fine, pretty
    Borgny - Help, new
    Boronia - A plant name
    Bracha - A blessing
    Brandee - Brandy, after dinner drink
    Brandie - Brandy, fine wine
    Brandy - Brandy, fine wine
    Branwen - Beautiful, or a holy raven
    Breanna - Strong, Virtuous, Honorable
    Breda - A city in the Netherlands
    Bree - Strong, spirited
    Brenda - A flaming sword
    Brenda - Female of brand
    Brenna - Raven-haired
    Bretta - from Britain
    Briallen - A Primrose
    Briana - Noble, honourable
    Brianna - The feminine form of Brian
    Brianne - The feminine form of Brian
    Briar - A thorny plant
    Bridget - Strong, spirited
    Bridgit - Strong, spirited
    Brie - Strong, spirited
    Brier - heather
    Brietta - Strong, spirited
    Brigit - Strong, spirited
    Brigitte - Strong, spirited
    Brina - protector
    Briony - A vine-like plant
    Brit - From the name Britannia
    Britany - From the name Brittania
    Brites - strength
    Britt - A Swedish form of Bridget
    Brittania - From Brittain, British
    Brittany - Britain
    Brittnee - From Britain
    Brodie - A ditch
    Bron - The source
    Brona - Sorrow
    Bronnen - A rush
    Bronte - From the surname of the Bronte sisters
    Bronwen - White or fair breasted
    Bronwyn - White or fair breasted
    Bronya - Armour, protection
    Brook - At the brook or stream
    Brooke - At the brook or stream
    Brooklyn - Water, stream
    Bruna - Brown, or dark-haired
    Brunella - Brown-haired
    Brunhilde - An armed warrior maiden
    Bryanne - Strong one
    Bryanne - Strong one
    Bulelwa - Desire to be of service
    Burdette - Courageous
    Burilda - A black swan
    Busisiwe - She has been blessed (Zulu)
    Buttercup - A flower name
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