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C:   Cara - Beloved
    Carina - Beloved
    Carolina - Song of happiness
    Caroline - Song of happiness
    Celine - Moon
    Charlie - Free man
    Charvi - Beautiful
    Cher - Dear one, darling
    Cheryl - Dear one, darling
    Chloe - Fresh blooming
    Clara - Famous and brilliant
    Claire - Famous and brilliant
    Cora - brave, adorable and beautiful
    Corey - Dweller in the hollow
    Cadence - To beat a rhythm
    Cady - To beat a rhythm
    Caeleah - From the pure meadow
    Caeley - From the pure meadow
    Caera - Brown/red complexioned
    Cai - Woman; Purity
    Cailida - Adorable
    Cailin - From the pure pool
    Caimil - Life continues
    Cainwen - Fair-haired one who is blessed
    Caitlin - From the pure pool
    Cala - Castle
    Calandra - Carefree
    Calantha - Flower
    Calca - Star
    Caledonia - From Scotland
    Caley - Slender one from the meadow
    Calida - Warm, Ardent
    Calixte - Very beautiful
    Calla - Beautiful
    Callan - Talker, Chatterer; To cry out
    Callie - Fortress
    Callista - Beautiful
    Calvina - Bald one. The feminine form of Calvin
    Cam - Sweet citrus
    Camelia - Beautiful flower
    Cameron - Happy
    Cami - Messenger
    Camilla - Virginal, unblemished character
    Canace - Daughter of the wind God
    Candace - Fire white, pure
    Candice - Fire white, pure
    Candy - Fire white, pure
    Canisa - Very dear
    Cantrelle - She is like a song
    Capri - Fanciful. A short form of Caprice
    Caprice - Fanciful
    Carey - Castle on the rocky island; Carer
    Cari - Gentle flowing stream
    Carina - Little darling; Beloved; Pure
    Carissa - Beloved
    Carita - Charity
    Carla - Farmer; Strong woman
    Carlene - Little woman
    Carlin - Little champion; Strong courageous one
    Carlissa - Little woman who is holy and sacred
    Carlotta - Little woman
    Carly - Little and woman. A short form of Caroline
    Carma - Destiny; Fruit field
    Carmel - A vineyard
    Carmela - Vineyard, garden
    Carmen - Song
    Carmine - Scarlet red
    Carna - Flesh colour; Horn of God
    Carol - Farmer, strong, courageous; Melody, song
    Carolann - Graceful, strong, courageous
    Carolee - Freeholder, free man, farmer
    Caroline - Little woman; Farmer, Strong, Courageous
    Carolyn - Little woman; Farmer, Strong, Courageous
    Caron - Loving, Kind-hearted
    Carpathia - Fruit
    Carra - Friend
    Carrie - Little, strong, courageous woman
    Caryl - Beloved
    Caryn - Purity. A form of Karen
    Carys - Love
    Casey - Brave
    Cassandra - Prophet
    Cassia - Flowering
    Cassidy - Clever, Curly-haired
    Cassie - Prophet
    Catherine - Pure, Virginal, Purity
    Cathleen - Purity
    Cathy - Pure, virginal. A short form of Catherine
    Catrina - Purity. A form of Katrina
    Cayla - Crown of laurel
    Ceara - Spear
    Cecilia - Blind, Unseeing. A feminine form of Cecil
    Cedrica - Gift, Splendour; War chief
    Celandine - Little swallow, Yellow flowering plant
    Celena - Moon, Heavenly
    Celeste - From the sky, Moon, Heavenly
    Celestina - Little moon, Little heavenly one
    Celia - Blind. A short form of Cecilia, unseeing
    Celina - Moon
    Celine - Moon, Heavenly
    Cera - Red/brown complexioned, Belt
    Cerelia - From the spring in the meadow
    Cerella - Spring time
    Ceres - Goddess of the harvest; Candle
    Cerise - Cherry
    Chahna - Loving
    Chalina - Rose
    Chalonna - Solitary
    Chana - God is gracious
    Chanda - Goddess
    Chandani - Moonlight
    Chandella - Candle
    Chandi - Great Goddess
    Chandice - Talented one
    Chandini - Moonlight
    Chandra - Moon
    Chane - Name of a god, dependable
    Chanel - From the strait, Pipe, Channel
    Chanina - Graceful
    Chantal - Singer, Song
    Chara - Joy
    Chardonnay - Dry, white wine
    Chantara - Song. A form of Chantal
    Chantilly - Fine lace
    Charisma - Personal power, Attraction, Grace
    Charity - Charitable, caring
    Charla - Strong, courageous
    Charleen - Strong, courageous
    Charlie - Strong, courageous
    Charlize - Womanly
    Charlotte - Strong, courageous
    Charmaine - Strong, courageous
    Charmane - Singer
    Charo - Little Rosa, Little rose
    Charrissee - Cherry
    Charvy - Beautiful Eyes
    Chasca - Goddess of the dawn
    Chastity - Purity
    Chaunta - One who outshines the stars
    Chava - Bird
    Chavella - Holy and sacred to God
    Chavi - Little girl
    Chavon - God is gracious
    Chavvah - To breathe, To live
    Chaya - Gift of light, Life
    Chayla - Follower
    Chaylea - Life meadow
    Chechoter - Dawn
    Cheera - Happy
    Chelsea - From the port of ships
    Chemarin - Girl who wears black
    Chemosh - Peace
    Chen - Precious
    Chenetta - Goose; Oak tree
    Chenia - God is gracious
    Cher - Beloved
    Cheralee - Burden
    Cherelle - She is the beloved
    Cherie - Beloved cherry tree
    Cherika - Moon
    Cherise - Cherished
    Cherokee - People of the cave country
    Cherry - Cherry Tree, Beloved
    Chrissanth - Golden flower
    Christa - Christ-bearer
    Christabel - Beautiful Christian
    Christiana - Christ-bearer; annointed
    Ciana - God is gracious
    Ciara - Black
    Cindarella - Little one from the ashes
    Claire - Brilliant, Clear, Bright
    Clara - Brilliant, Clear, Bright
    Claribell - Brilliant, Clear, Bright
    Clarissa - Brilliant, Clear, Bright
    Claudette - Little weak one
    Claudia - Weak, The fragile one
    Clementia - Mild, Gentle
    Clementine - Merciful
    Cleo - Little fame
    Cleopatra - Famous, her father's pride and joy
    Clorinda - Famous beauty
    Clotilda - Famous in the loud battle
    Clover - Luck
    Coco - Coconut, sweet smelling
    Cody - Helpful
    Colby - By the coal town, dark-haired
    Colette - Little victorious army
    Colleen - Girl
    Connie - Constant, Steadfast
    Constance - To be knowledgeable, constant, steadfast
    Courtney   Short-nosed, from the court
    Creola - Home raised
    Cressida - Golden
    Cuthberta - Brilliant
    Cymbaline - Lord of the sea
    Cynara - Artichoke, Thistle
    Cynthia - Woman from Kynthos
    Cyra - Sun
    Cyrena - Alluring one, Siren
    Cyria - Lordly ruler. A feminine form of Cyril
    Cyrilla - Lordly ruler
    Cytherea - From the island of Cythera
    Czarina - Female monarch or ruler, Princess
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