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D:   Daba - Kind words, bee swarm
    Dabria - Name of an angel
    Dacey - The southerner
    Dacia - A woman from Dacia
    Dacio - From arcy
    Dae - Greatness
    Daffodil - The asphodel. A flower name
    Dagmar - A maiden of the day, or glorious day
    Dagna - A new day
    Dagny - Day, brightness, new day, Dane's joy
    Dahlia - From the flower
    Dai - The beloved, the adored one
    Daisy - The day's eye. A flower name
    Dakin - Danish
    Dale - A valley dweller
    Dalia - A branch, bough
    Dalila - Gentle
    Dallas - Skilled, or from the field of water
    Damalis - One who is gentle
    Damara - Gentle girl
    Damaris - Gentle. A New Testament name
    Dame - Lady
    Damiana - Tame, domesticated
    Damini - Lightning
    Damita - The little noble lady
    Damosel - A damsel, or young unmarried woman
    Dana - God is my judge
    Danae - The mother of Perseus in Greek mythology
    Dani - My judge
    Danica - The morning star
    Daniela - God is my judge
    Daniella - God is my judge
    Danielle - God is my judge
    Danika - The morning star
    Danniell - God is my judge
    Danu - The goddess of fruitfulness
    Danuta - A little deer. Also see Danu
    Daphne - The laurel
    Dara - Compassion, wisdom
    Daralis - Beloved
    Daray - Dark
    Darby - Free from envy
    Darcie - An old Norman family name
    Daria - Wealthy
    Darlene - Tenderly loved
    Darra - Small great one, riches
    Darrelle - The beloved one
    Darrene - The Great one
    Darri - A track
    Dasha - Gift of god
    Davan - The beloved, the adored one
    Davida - The beloved, the adored one
    Davina - The beloved, the adored one
    Davine - The loved
    Dawa - Born on a Monday
    Dawn - Daybreak, dawn
    Daya - Bird
    Dayla - To draw water, branch or bough
    Dayle - A valley dweller
    Deana - The divine one
    Deanna - The divine one
    Deanne - The divine one
    Debbie - The bee, an industrious woman
    Debby - The bee, an industrious woman
    Deborah - The bee, an industrious woman
    Debra - The bee, an industrious woman
    Dechen - Health and happiness
    Decima - The tenth
    Dee - Strong and noble, regal
    Deepika - A little light
    Deeta - The lost one
    Deianira - Wife of heracles
    Deidra - Sorrowful, wanderer
    Deiene - religious holiday
    Deiondre - Valley
    Deirdre - Sorrow
    Deja - Before
    Delanna - Soft as wool
    Delbin - dolphin, flower name
    Delcine - Sweet
    Delfina - Dolphin
    Delia - A woman from the island of Delos
    Delicia - Delight
    Delila - Hair or poor
    Delilah - The beautiful temptress
    Dell - From the dell or hollow
    Della - Noble
    Delma - Of the sea
    Delphine - A flower name from delphinium
    Delta - The fourth, as in fourth child
    Delvene - A flower name from delphinium
    Delvine - A flower name from delphinium
    Delwyn - A friend from the valley
    Delyth - Neat and pretty
    Dembe - Peace
    Demetria - From the goddess of fertility
    Demi - Half
    Dena - From the valley
    Denise - A lover of wine
    Dep - Beautiful
    Derica - Beloved leader
    Derryth - Of the Oak
    Dervla - The daughter of the poet
    Desana - Longed for
    Desdemona - Ill-fated
    Desiree - The desired one
    Desma - A pledge
    Desta - Happiness
    Destinee - Destiny
    Destry - War horse
    Deva - Celestial spirit
    Devaki - black, mother of Krishna
    Devi - The beloved, the adored one
    Devika - A little goddess
    Devnet - Home of the Danes
    Devona - From the county of Devon
    Devora - The bee, an industrious woman
    Devorah - The bee, an industrious woman
    Devore - The bee, an industrious woman
    Dextra - Skilful, dexterous
    Diamanta - Adamant, like a diamond
    Diana - Moon Goddess
    Diana - The divine one
    Diane - The divine one
    Dianne - The divine one
    Diantha - A divine flower
    Dianthe - Flower of the Gods
    Diarria - Didi
    Dido - The name of a queen of Carthage
    Didrika - The people's ruler
    Diella - Worships god
    Dierdre - Young girl, one who rages, broken-hearted
    Diki - Healthy and wealthy
    Dikranouhi - Queen
    Dillian - Worshipped one
    Dilys - True, steadfast
    Dimity - From the cotton material
    Dina - Merciful
    Dinah - Judgment
    Dione - A lover of wine
    Dionne - The divine one
    Dionyza - From Shakespeare's play Pericles
    Disa - Double
    Dita - The lost one
    Diva - A goddess
    Divya - heavenly, brilliant
    Dixie - The tenth
    Dobrila - Kind, good
    Dodie - Beloved
    Dohna - A female deity
    Dolkar - The name of a Buddhist Goddess
    Dollie - The gift of God
    Dolly - The gift of God
    Dolores - Sorrow
    Dominga - Sunday
    Dominica - Belonging to the lord
    Dominique - Of God
    Donalda - The ruler of the world
    Donata - Given by God, a gift
    Donella - The ruler of the world
    Donelle - The ruler of the world
    Donla - The brown lady
    Donna - A lady. A short form of Madonna
    Dooriya - The sea
    Dora - A gift
    Dorcas - A gazelle, a doe
    Dore - Golden
    Doreen - A gif
    Doria - Place name
    Dorinda - Gift of god, beautiful one
    Doris - A Greek goddess of the sea
    Dorota - God's gift
    Dorothea - The gift of God
    Dorothy - The gift of God
    Dot - The gift of God
    Dotty - The gift of God
    Douce - Gentle, sweet
    Dova - Peace, a dove
    Dreama - joyous music
    Drew - Courageous
    Drina - Helper and defender of mankind
    Drisana - Daughter of the sun
    Dristi - Sight, a form of the Devi
    Druella - An elfin vision
    Drusilla - From an old Roman family name
    Duana   A little dark maiden
    Duena - A chaperone
    Dulce - Sweet
    Dulcea - Sweet
    Dulcie - Sweet
    Dulcina - Rose
    Dulcinea - Sweet
    Dusana - A spirit, a soul
    Dyan - The divine one
    Dyana - The divine one
    Dyani - A deer
    Dyanne - The divine one
    Dyna - Powerful. Also see Dinah
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