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H:   Hadassah - From the myrtle tree
    Hadley - Meadow of heathers
    Hailey - Dweller in the hay meadow
    Haley - brave one
    Halina - Woman of serenity
    Halle - Living in a manor
    Haloke - Salmon
    Handan - Full of joy
    Hania - Gracious
    Hanna - Favor, grace
    Hannele - Gracious
    Hannie - God is merciful
    Harley - Meadow in the woods
    Harmony - Harmony
    Harper - Minstrel
    Harriet - Ruler of the house
    Hathai - Heart
    Haunani - Snow beauty
    Hava - Living and breathing
    Haven - Sanctuary
    Hayden - Living in hay vale
    Hazan - Fall
    Hazel - The hazel tree
    Healani  - Haze from heavens
    Heather - A flowering evergreen plant
    Hedda - Fighting a battle
    Hedvika - Fighting a battle
    Heidi - Graceful and noble
    Helah - Rust-colored
    Heleentje - Torch of light
    Helen - Light
    Helena - shining one
    Helena - Torch of light
    Helga - Divine woman
    Hella  - Divine woman
    Heloise - Healthy woman
    Henrietta - Ruler of the house
    Henrika - Ruler of the house
    Hera - Heroine
    Hermine - Army woman
    Hester - Star-like
    Hila - Praise or appreciation
    Hilaria - Cheery, humorous
    Hilda - Fighting a war
    Hildegard  - Protecting against battle
    Hildred - War advisor
    Hillary - Cheery, humorous
    Holly - Holy or holly tree
    Holly  - Holly tree
    Honey - Honey
    Hope - The feeling that a desire will be fulfilled
    Hope - Woman with hope
    Hunter - One who hunts
    Hypatia - Supreme woman
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