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I:   Ianthe - Flower of purple color
    Ibbie - Promise of God
    Ida - Hardworking woman
    Idella  - Hardworking woman
    Iekika - One who can foresee
    Iesha - One who is alive
    Ife - Woman of love
    Ignatia - Like a fire
    Ilse - Promise of God
    Imelda - Fighting the whole battle
    Imelda  - Fighting the whole battle
    Imma  - Universal woman
    Imogen  - Young maiden
    Ina  - Unclear
    India - From the River Indus
    Indiana  - Country of native American Indians
    Indira  - Glamour
    Indu - Light descent
    Ingrid  - Beautiful goddess
    Inna - Coming from water of strength
    Iolana - Soaring bird
    Iolanda  - Violet flower
    Iphigenia  - Strong
    Ireland - Woman from Ireland
    Irena  - Woman of peace
    Irene  - Woman of peace
    Irenka - Peaceful woman
    Iria  - Peaceful woman
    Irinushka - Peaceful woman
    Iris - Colours of rainbow
    Irma - Universal woman
    Isabel - Promise of God
    Isadora  - Present from God
    Isla - From the Islay island
    Isobel  - Promise of God
    Ivana  - God is merciful
    Iveta - Of the yew tree
    Ivette  - Of the yew tree
    Ivona - Of the yew tree
    Ivonne - Of the yew tree
    Ivory - white woman
    Ivy  - Climbing plant
    Iwalani  - Royal seagull
    Izabela  - Promise of God
    Izolda - Fighting the ice battle
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