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J:   Jacinta  - Hyacinth flower
    Jacoba - Following after
    Jacomina - Following after
    Jacqueline  - One who supplants
    Jade - Gemstone
    Jadwiga  - Fighting a battle
    Jadzia - Fighting a battle
    Jakayla - Pure
    Jagna - Sacred
    Jamie - One who supplants
    Jaleesa  - Promise of God
    Jamila - Gorgeous woman
    Jana - God is merciful
    Jane  - God is merciful
    Janelle - God is merciful
    Janet - God is merciful
    Janessa  - God is love
    Janicka  - God is merciful
    Janneke - God is merciful
    Jantine  - God is merciful
    Javiera  - New home
    Jayla - Jay bird
    Jaylee  - Jay bird
    Jaylyn  - Jay bird
    Jazlyn  - Free
    Jeana - Queen
    Jelena - Torch of light
    Jemima - Warm like a dove
    Jenna  - Woman of white magic
    Jessie - Wealthy
    Jaakkina - feminine
    Jacalyn - Healer
    Jacquenette - Flower
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