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K:   kachina - Spirit
    kacey - Modern
    k.c. - Modern
    kadee - Rhyming variant of katy
    kadyn - Fighter
    kaede -  maple leaf 
    kaela - Beloved
    kaeli - keeper of the keys
    kabira - Powerful
    kacela - Hunter
    kacondra - Bold
    kadin - Round; happy
    kaelynne - waterfall
    kaililah - Beloved
    kaitriona - Pure
    kaitrinna - Pure
    kajsa - Pure
    kaitlynn - Little darling
    kaiya - Forgiveness
    kait  - pure-hearted
    kairos - Goddess from Jupiter
    kadenza - Cadence, dances
    kadira - Wields power
    kai - Sea, willow tree
    kaleena - Chosen
    kaliska - Coyote
    kalley - Castle, fortress
    karey - rocky island
    kamaria - Like the moon
    kamea - Precious one
    kamara - Like the moon
    kammie - Precious one
    kandy - White-hot
    kanika - Black cloth
    karen  - Pure
    karla - Strong one
    karoline - Little and strong
    karna - Horn of an animal
    karter  - Cart maker 
    kary  - Flows like water
    kasey  - Peacemaker
    kassidy - Clever; curly haired
    kathaleen - Little darling
    katia - Pure
    keandra  - Water baby
    keena - Brave
    keishia  - Joyful
    kelbey  - Place by the flowing water
    kendrah  - Understanding; knowledge
    kelsy - River landing place
    kelulah - Regal woman
    kendal - Ruler of the valley
    kendy - Child of clear
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