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W:   Wakanda - Inner magical power
    Walburga - Fortress
    Waltraud - Strength
    Wanda - Wanderer
    Waneta - Charger
    Wapeka - Skillful
    Waya - Wolf
    Wenda - Wanderer
    Wendy - Fair
    Wenona - First born daughter
    Whitney - From the white island
    Widjan - Ecstasy
    Wilda - Dweller
    Wilhelmina - Resolute protector
    Willa - Protector
    Wilmari - Rose
    Wilona - Desired
    Winema - Female chief
    Winifred - Peace
    Winter - Winter
    Wisteria - Crayon color
    Wkinica - Perfect girl
    Wynne - Light complexioned
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