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X:   Xaeli - Like Kaeli
    Xandra - Pleasant
    Xandy - Protector of man
    Xanthe - Yellow
    Xanthia - Yellow
    Xaria - Princess
    Xavia - Feminine form of Xavier
    Xaviera - Bright
    Xena - Guest
    Xenia - Hospitable
    Xenniah - Pronounced Zen-Ya
    Xiang - Fragrant
    Xiu Mei - Beautiful plum
    Xjhana - Unique
    Xuan - Spring
    Xuxa - Form of Susanna
    Xylia - Wood dweller
    Xyliar - To not be afraid
    Xylina - Woods
    Xyloh - A girl's name.
    Xylona - From the forest
    Xyrisse - Idealism and the urge to help others
    Xyza - The sea
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