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Z:   Zabrina - Forms of Sabrina; a princess
    Zada - Huntress or fortunate
    Zadie - Princess
    Zafirah - Victory
    Zahara - Flowering, shining
    Zahirah - Dazzling
    Zailin - Princess
    Zainab - Daughter of Prophet Mohammad 
    Zaira - Irish form of Sara princess
    Zakia - Hope and pride of another life
    Zakiah - Beautiful and Strong 
    Zali - Special Princess
    Zali - Dance
    Zaltana - High mountain
    Zamiayah - A queen
    Zamira - Conscientious
    Zamora - Praised
    Zandra - Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander
    Zandra - Variant of Alexandra defender of mankind
    Zaneta - God's gift. A saint's name
    Zanita - God's gift. A saint's name
    Zanna - God's gift
    Zanobia - Fathers ornament
    Zanthie - Yellow
    Zara - Princess, day's awakening
    Zarahlinda - Beautiful dawn
    Zariella - Beautiful and full of life
    Zarina - Golden
    Zariya - Beauty and light
    Zaryah - Dawn, glorious
    Zatasia - First born. To be loved
    Zavrina - Form of Sabrina; a princess
    Zawadi - God's gift
    Zayaan - Something beautiful 
    Zayda - Lucky
    Zayma - Leader
    Zealia - Strong, happy, mellow, full of life
    Zehira - Protected
    Zeina - Beautiful
    Zelma - Variant of Selma
    Zemil - Joyous melody
    Zemira - Praised
    Zene - Rose
    Zenevieva - Pale
    Zenna - Born of Zeus
    Zennah - Purity. A religious belief
    Zenzi - Growing
    Zerenity - Serene or calm
    Zeta - Seeker
    Zhuri - Beautiful
    Zia - Light; splendor
    Ziarre - Goddess of the sky
    Zilah - Shade, shadow 
    Zimra - Praised
    Zina - Welcoming; hospitable. Variant of Xenia
    Zionna - One who comes from where God lives
    Ziphora - Moses' wife
    Zippora - Beauty
    Zitlali - Star
    Ziva - Splendid
    Zoe - Life
    Zoedella - Cute, kind, loving
    Zoelie - Alive
    Zofia - Wisdom
    Zoheret - Sparkle
    Zola - Ball of earth
    Zorica - Dawn
    Zosha - Precious one
    Zulema - Peace; tranquility
    Zurie - White and lovely
    Zyana - Blessing from Heaven
    Zyanya - Always or forever
    Zybreana - Special
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